The more young people with high sensitivity are aware of the term, recognize, accept it, the more they can flourish with all their talents. For this reason, it is necessary, that there will be more knowledge and experience about high sensitivity that enters the world. If that were the case, there would be fewer pitfalls for people with high sensitivity.

The term high sensitivity is the umbrella and from it, there are other themes offered, so that people get a necessary eclectic total image of a person. Versatility and looking from different angles is very important for this talented group. A new broad and in-depth look at the children with sensitivity in education is so important.

On this page, you can see that I have included international educational courses which I invited to Italy.

I know they will all bring a more internationally innovative view towards the education of the future and of society. The international teachers are also all fully professionalized in their field, but even more important is the fact that they have also developed this route by personal experiences in their lives.

This form of education is suitable for people with and without the trait of high sensitivity.

Susanne de Munck Mortier (Italy-the Netherlands): Sensitivity in Education.

Terry Webb (South Africa): The Essential Tool.

MNRI (US): Primary Reflexes.

Cecilia Koester (US): Brain gym 170 Special Needs- Movement Based Learning.

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