Hsp Village

Coming home!
We have released our previous potential location and we are now in our own pace looking out for another suitable location to start with this purpose. (

In the meantime, we are not standing still and is the first “International HspVillage weekend” organized in October in Tuscany, Italy.

See EVENTS for dates, you are very welcome!

Why an HspVillage?
Occasionally you as person with high sensitivity very much need to go out of your own stimulus environment and just completely unwind and have to recharge.
When my children had a difficult time in school due to a non sensitive pedagogical climate we went to Italy during the summer. The experience of having no pressure and walking at Italian soil was remarkable. Remembering that I said: “I wish every child could experience this once, this would be so good for a lot of children. Pure rest, no pressure, no stimuly and simplicity”.

I myself always dreamed of a holiday cottage near the sea and that was also my dream for my own sensitive children to upload themselves in their future. Society can sometimes be quite overwhelming and getting out of your surroundings is very pleasant and necessary, leave everyday “incentives” behind you and recharge. But … once you step out of the holiday cottage, then you still have people around you that perhaps do not understand you and you feel that you’re not “home with likeminded”.

BAM! That’s it….an HspVillage!

I imagined a small village, filled with all sorts of people with high sensitivity “coming home” together. Which jointly “build” a forward-looking vision for the present and future generation of people with high sensitivity. Right after that inknling I looked at my son and realised why he was building a Lego village….for months now. How blind can you sometimes be as a parent when you child or student is mirroring you! Sometimes From I got an update from the Lego village, like “there is too much garbage, it is being taken out” or “It is quiet in my village for quite some time now”. Hmm….

It is extremely necessary that children, teenagers and adults with high sensitivity, come to rest, share their knowledge and experiences, charging and again spread their knowledge throughout the world. I find it very important that people in the HspVillage gain contacts, make connections and bundle these lines all over the world through an international HspVillage. Making connections for an international family with changes, modifications and positive affirmations for future generations people with high sensitivity. With this vision, we can make the most of people with high sensitivity, recognize their talents, recognize each other and encourage. In the HspVillage you do not always explain how and why, but you know you will be accepted in your individuality and you do not have to constantly explain further. For example, why that light is too bright for you or why you might look exhausted after just an hour of conversation with you and that will be understood.

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